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Note 27 The total number of employed women increased by a factor of 2. Note 28 During recessions, women tend to experience fewer job losses than men, partly due to the segmentation of the labour market by gender. Specifically, women are overrepresented in education, health care, and government, and underrepresented in cyclical sectors of the economy: construction and manufacturing. Note 29 Note 30 Note 31 Focusing on the last three recessions in Canada, the employment rate of women decreased by less than one percentage point between and1. Note 32 By comparison, the employment rate of men decreased by 5. Note 33 During economic downturns, households often reduce their consumption of purchased goods and services, such as eating out or catering, cleaning services, and child care, by substituting unpaid work that is disproportionately performed by women. Note 34 Taken together with women's greater resilience in the labour market, this fact suggests that women's total work burden—that is, time spent on paid and unpaid work in combination—may increase during recessions.

Eavesdrop on Spotify or here. When women do well, everyone does well. Maintaining income disparities and a society anywhere people are at risk of abject poverty is expensive. Poverty and its damaging outcomes costs taxpayers, provincial and central governments billions of dollars annually. Levelling the economic playing field is brainy. Based on the MBM, a ancestor lives in poverty if it does not have enough income to acquire a specific basket of goods after that services in its community. The MBM varies across Canada, based on the cost of living. More than 1. The Market Basket Measure has limitations.

After everything else Edited April 2, The first European expeditions that came to Canada en route for explore and trade for furs did not include women. The first European expeditions that came to Canada en route for explore and trade for furs did not include women. The Indigenous women who married fur traders provided an important link between the 2 cultures: the trader secured the trade of his wife's band or tribe after that he learned from her survival skills, Indigenous customs and languages. Some Aboriginal women acted as unpaid interpreters designed for fur-trading companies and achieved a able deal of importance. Such marital arrangements continued until missionaries and fur-trading companies actively discouraged them in the 19th century. In the early days of the fur tradean Indigenous woman whose husband had left her would arrival to the tribe, but as the economic base of Indigenous life deteriorated, it became difficult for tribes en route for reabsorb women and their children.

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