Top 10 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

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In addition to improving the quality of sleep, sleeping naked may also help a person fall asleep faster. This study states that heat exposure increases wakefulness and decreases slow wave sleep and rapid eye movement sleep. Sleeping naked can help the skin cool off faster, which may help lower body temperature and allow a person to get to sleep sooner. Body temperature is a key part of the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is a biological clock that regulates when people sleep and wake up. Body temperature changes throughout the day, gradually decreasing throughout the evening and night. This temperature decline partly explains why people begin to feel sleepy at night. Although the studies did not specifically investigate the benefits of sleeping naked, it is possible that wearing nothing in bed may have a similar effect. May help prevent vaginal yeast infections The vagina is a warm, moist environment, which makes it an ideal place for yeast to grow.

As a result of sleeping naked, you may increase your ability to fall asleep faster after that stay asleep, which could make altogether the difference when it comes en route for your health. Promote vaginal health Asleep naked is also a great approach to increase vaginal health and avert yeast infections. Tight-fitting or sweaty underwear can increase your risk of a vaginal yeast infection since yeast likes to grow in warm, moist places. Regardless of what you wear all through the day, sleeping naked is an easy way to air out your vagina and keep it healthy. A recent study of males suggested a link between wearing tight-fitting underwear after that lower sperm count. Men who reported wearing boxers had a higher sperm concentration and total sperm count than those who wore tight underwear. Asleep naked is a great way en route for keep testicles cool and at an optimal temperature for sperm health. Advance self-esteem Sleeping naked is also a great way to get in affect with your body and boost your self-esteem.

Women's Health may earn commission from the links on this page, but we only feature products we believe all the rage. Why trust us? By Valeria Nekhim Lease and Maggie Parker Mar 11, fizkesGetty Images Sleeping in the admirer with your partner definitely has its perks—like getting to snuggle against their warm body instead of their super-worn t-shirt. But that's not the barely upside of going to bed all the rage your birthday suit.

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