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In addition to resembling adorable hybrid giraffe-zebras, female okapis are typically larger and taller than their male counterparts. Our culture suggests men should always be taller than their female counterparts, and heterosexual pairings are usually depicted with a woman standing on tiptoes to kiss her man. Some of my average-sized friends have been known to eschew heels for photo ops, just so their male partners would tower over them even more than they already do. In fact, according to U. Census records, less than 0. Statistics are so not on our side. Of course, some very tall women have pretty normal dating lives. I was not one of them.

All has preferences in relationships. You capacity like guys with blonde hair, before you might prefer your guy en route for have brown hair. You might akin to thin guys, or you might be hot for built ones. After I was younger, I did not akin to my height. As I sprouted all the way through the 7th and 8th arrange I would plead with God en course for make me stop growing… Designed for a few child at that become old, you a minute ago want en route for fit in… puberty is bad a sufficient amount. It is scary how many big women do not akin to their height. No one ever dares en route for ask an overweight woman how a good deal she weighs, yet it is adequate to ask a woman how big she is.

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