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Current Population Trend: Decreasing This powerful predator roams the Americas, where it is also known as a panther, pumamountain lion, and catamount. This big cat of many names is also found in many habitats, from Florida swamps to Canadian forests. Hunting Cougars like to prey on deer, though they also eat smaller animals such as coyotes, porcupines, and raccoons. They usually hunt at night or during the gloaming hours of dawn and dusk.

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We'll notify you here with news a propos Turn on desktop notifications for betrayal stories about interest? Sex and relationships columnist Valerie Gibson would call them cougars -- women who date men more than eight years their apprentice -- and they're part of a trend that's coming off the barrier and out of the bedroom. Gibson says the term originated in Vancouver, British Columbia, as a put-down designed for older women who would go en route for bars and go home with whoever was left at the end of the night. But now, it's add positive -- describing women usually their in 30s and 40s, who are financially stable and mentally independent after that looking for a younger man en route for have fun with. Gibson, who is single but has been married five times -- the last time en route for a man 15 years younger -- describes cougars like herself this way: She's in control. She's very alluring. And she's very sexy. But they didn't say how much younger.

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