Why You Should Try New Things

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Undoubtedly, it is important to hardwire these kinds of habits into our schedules, so that they become ingrained into our lifestyles. That might sound contradictory, but research into brain health and longevity suggests that regular experience of novelty is essential to a long, happy life. Novelty, by definition, is anything that is new to us, and the experience of novelty can take many forms: meeting a new friend, learning a new skill, buying a new outfit, listening to new music, or traveling to a new environment. Most mammals, especially humans, naturally prefer novelty, so long as it does not come with some perceived threat. Rats in a lab maze will automatically explore a newly opened section of the maze, and children will automatically gravitate toward a new toy, even when old favorites are readily available.

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Attempt there. Try something new and adhere us this summer! When was the last time you tried something new? Trying new things can be absolutely daunting. The act of leaving our comfort zone puts us in a vulnerable position, and leaves us along with an onslaught of questions running all the way through our heads. Can I do this?

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