How to Be an Asshole – and Become Adored by Women

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Yeah, sure But, they're still assholes. If you yourself are not an asshole though, adopting some of the traits of a guy like this so you can be an asshole can seem like something of a mountain to climb This kind of question usually never pops up so I am just gonna ask. How do I become more like a jerk or an asshole? I am too friendly basically, because parents and such always told me to be kind and polite and nice. I have been trying to be more playful lately, trying some wit and I experiment with my female friends and they seem to enjoy it OR dont get it.

Accept the reasoning behind it is especially important if you want to appeal to and seduce women who always appear to like guys who act akin to jerks. Why do girls like jerks and not nicer guys? But why exactly is that the case? The main answer is because jerks after that assholes, being the way they are, elicit very strong emotions in women. And as I always say -- emotions are the main currency of attraction! Simply put, nice guys attend to to be boring, predictable and not very exciting. They tend to accomplish impulsively, brazenly and spontaneously. Most crucially, they also tend to assert their views much more than timid men do.

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