How to : Safely Look for & Have No-Strings-Attached Sex

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You might be looking for some temporary sexual refuge or a way to boost your self-esteem. In that case, casual sex can be your ideal choice. Here are a few key points that can help you to enjoy guilt-free casual sex: Be Honest Though you may be ready for some guilt-free adventures, lying about your intentions to get someone should still be out of the equation. Be brave enough to admit that you are just looking for some roll in the sack. Be nice and treat your partner with the same care and respect that you expect for yourself. Thank your partner for all the pleasurable and memorable experiences. Be Curious Casual sex is the perfect way to revive yourself sexually. It not only teaches you about your sexuality but also makes you less inhibited. During a casual sex encounter, your partner can give you different sexual mantras which can further enlighten you about your own likes and dislikes in bed.

Women's Health may earn commission from the links on this page, but we only feature products we believe all the rage. Why trust us? Follow these steps to make sure your casual bump into is safe and satisfying: Follow the Two-Drink Rule Though you might be tempted to down a few cocktails before a one-night stand, you'll be safer and more sexually satisfied but you limit yourself to two drinks, says Morse. Putting a cap arrange your booze intake will allow you to be your sexy self devoid of getting borderline sloppy, and it bidding help you avoid getting into a dangerous situation. Plus, throwing back also many drinks can dampen your awakening, making an orgasm very unlikely. Accordingly instead of worrying about whether he's got the goods to keep things safe, pack your own condoms. Acutely, the best offense against STDs after that pregnancy is a solid condom defense, she says.

Is This Relationship Right for You? The world of modern dating is complex. For example, what's the difference amid hanging out and hooking up? Before take the no strings attached relationship—what does that mean? We turned en route for relationship experts to help us clear up the ins and outs of a no strings attached relationship and be in breach of down its pros and cons.

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