8 Reasons Why You Should Go to College

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October 8 Reasons Why You Should Go to College Graduating from high school and thinking about heading off to college can be a scary time. Stop right there. Even students with the most detailed life plans will change course along the way. Enrolling in a four-year university, a two-year community college, or a trade school will help continue your education. Earn More Money College graduates have more earning potential on average than people who only have a high school diploma. The unemployment rate for college grads is also about half the jobless rate of high school graduates. Getting a good-paying job is one of the top reasons why most people go to college. Beyond financial rewards, there are other ways college can change your life.

These graduates were more likely to allow had a mentor during their apprentice experience that encouraged them to chase their goals and dreams. They additionally were extremely active in extracurricular activities. Importantly, they graduated with lower levels of student debt. Find the ample report at www. This guide is designed to help college students acquire the most out of the academy experience. Review the list every semester and integrate the Gallup-Purdue Index findings into your college plan. Ask questions. Go to class early or adjourn afterward to talk with the coach. Go to office hours.

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