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I was truly able to see what college life is like even though we had to go remote. I have met lifelong friends and for that I am forever thankful. I learned how to manage my time, develop good relationships with teachers, take any opportunity that came my way, and so much more. It gave me a look into what my future would look like in the marine biology field during and after college. Because of the program, I fell in love with what the University of Miami has to offer.

October 8 Reasons Why You Should Attempt to College Graduating from high discipline and thinking about heading off en route for college can be a scary age. Stop right there. Even students along with the most detailed life plans bidding change course along the way. Enrolling in a four-year university, a two-year community college, or a trade discipline will help continue your education. Be paid More Money College graduates have add earning potential on average than ancestor who only have a high discipline diploma.

These graduates were more likely to allow had a mentor during their apprentice experience that encouraged them to chase their goals and dreams. They additionally were extremely active in extracurricular activities. Importantly, they graduated with lower levels of student debt. Find the ample report at www. This guide is designed to help college students acquire the most out of the academy experience. Review the list every semester and integrate the Gallup-Purdue Index findings into your college plan.

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