A Shankly Hotel Party Room Package: Unforgettable Fun from Check in to Check Out

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Copy URL By Cvent Whether it's a planner on a site visit, an event guest, a leisure guest, or a corporate traveler, hotels should make it a top priority to give each and every guest an impeccable experience. From pre-stay to post, the way you communicate can mean the difference between a poor, average, and great stay. With that being the case, we put together a list of ways properties can impress hotel guests and make their stay a memorable one — and certainly, one they're willing to share. Explore 7 ways to impress hotel guests and earn more business: 1. A great online presence goes a long way. First impressions really do matter. The first step to making a stay at your hotel, whether it be for leisure or business, is creating an attractive, effective online presence. Encourage them post-stay and of course, maintain a fantastic guest experience. Have an active social media presence: Your hotel is a living, breathing thing — so show it!

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