Men Are Crazy for Women Who Are Too

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Rings true: When Harry Met Sally, starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, posed the question of whether men and women can ever be just friends The film When Harry Met Sally first raised the question of whether men and women can ever be just friends. Sally, played by Meg Ryan, disagreed. This week, science has declared that Harry was right all along. In a survey by the University of Wisconsin, 88 sets of young male and female friends were asked to rate their attraction to each other in a confidential questionnaire. It found that men — whether attached or single — were more likely to be attracted to their female friends and want to go on a date with them than the other way around.

She's been running to the Married En route for The Mob blog for the ancient six years. In her weekly article, she gives Complex readers insight addicted to what today's young women really assume about love, sex, and relationships. A good number people assume that the dude a minute ago has tons of money, and so as to might be true, but a allocation of times cash has absolutely naught to do with it. I as a rule check out the table of homies laughing and having a really able time or the crispy dude bearing the buttery new Wallabees. Women are drawn to guys that carry themselves proudly, not the moody, depressed heads that slump in the corner along with their hood pulled up. Which brings me to my next point Altogether that dopamine our bodies release makes us crave it like a medicine.

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