Sex Addiction

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Sex is merely the vehicle that a person uses to find nurture and acceptance. This is the same mechanism of action at work in alcohol, drug and other addictions. While sex addiction affects both males and females, the challenges faced by female addicts are greater. As a foundation to understanding the unique plight of female sex addicts, a better understanding of sex addiction in general will be helpful. Understanding sex addiction Research varies on the prevalence of sex addiction and it is difficult to state with certainty that one gender has a higher incidence of sex addiction than the other does. Estimates of sex addiction range from three to ten per cent within the general population. This male female ratio is consistent with that found among recovering alcoholics. Some of the factors that push sex addiction include the need to medicate emotional pain or escape an unsatisfactory situation, and the impulsive or even compulsive quest to satisfy unmet emotional needs. In short, sex addiction is best viewed as an attachment or intimacy disorder.

The validity of sex addiction is a hotly debated topic among professionals. Although some deny the validity of a few non-substance addiction, others are trying en route for open the scope of what an addiction is. Of all the coarse behavioral addictionssex addiction is possibly the most controversial. And what are ancestor afflicted with addiction, if not affliction from a biological compulsion to abuse a certain substance? The Link Amid Sex Offenders And Sex Addiction It is unfortunate, but there is an association between people who suffer as of sex addiction and sex offenders. About half of convicted sex offenders be able to be diagnosed with a sex compulsion. However, what is missing is a deviation between the two groups. It is commonly believed that people be able to become addicted to sex due en route for a chemical reaction in the common sense. For sex offenders, it is acknowledged that they do not act designed for sexual gratification.

We welcome members of any sexual character or orientation, whether they are gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, or transgender. We suggest coming to at least six local meetings or telemeetings within a short period of time before deciding whether SAA is right for you. If you are like us, you did not get to where you are now overnight. It will additionally take time to become oriented en route for this program and a new approach of thinking and living in healing. It may also be useful. Aid In the SAA fellowship, sponsors are other addicts who are willing en route for share how they worked the Twelve Step program and how they bring into being recovery.

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