List of songs recorded by Dolly Parton

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Designed for a recent rainy night in Strasbourg, the small city in the northeastern corner of France, she strode before a live audience dressed like a lieutenant in an anime cartoon, in an oversize gray bomber jacket, matching shorts and heels made from white fabric that stretched above her knees. She raised her hands and gave a hard gape to the crowd. It has influenced every genre, pretty much, so a person who thinks it is basic before rudimentary has another thing coming. Dolly Parton in American singer-songwriter Dolly Parton has composed over 5, songs altogether over her career. After releasing two abortive singles as a teenager, Parton moved to Nashville, Tennessee in after that signed a recording contract with Gravestone Records and released a series of singles on the label, the highest charting being her single Happy, Blissful Anniversary Baby.

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