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Set in London somewhere it is also a crime drama and even trying at that seems under average and poor, but let me tell you more thoroughly why it is a very poor and under average movie. The story is not the worst I have ever seen but because it is a comedy film it makes the story seem stupid and the characters are also really silly. It moves at a fast enough pace for you to get through it and not be completely bored but by the end you feel you have wasted some of life watching this, but still go ahead and watch it, I am sure someone may like it. Finally on the story it is not dramatic either and fails to dramatise anything, well actually it is badly dramatic probably describes it better. Adam Deacon can be a fine actor and usually we see him urban roles but in this he fails and although he is not too bad in this film, the story ruins any chance of anyone in this doing well at acting. I found some of the supporting cast boring and as if they have been plucked from an over dramatic soap, also the villain is ridiculous who although acted well in the comedy role was not funny himself and ruins again any chance of humour, just plain average acting overall. I hated the script and is the biggest reason I didn't enjoy this film with it's stupid lines that are meant to be humour and when you finally think a thrilling part is coming out it turns out to be bad humour. In all the mess I enjoyed some of the sets they used for fights and running scenes which actually worked well with what was going on in this Urban setting. Finally Directing was superbly average and not the worst thing by a long shot, but not good either.

Accordingly we pretty much know what she would do in every situation, even if she sometimes surprises us. Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen. They crack ahead describing a few of the consistent tropes which have snuck in above the years. It was Breen who picked her up, and drove her straight home to the house she shares with her husband and three children.

At the same time as the sun rose over the northern NSW coast, he sat on his verandah and absorbed the news so as to a jury on the other area of the world had awarded him half a billion dollars. The bestow was one of the highest all the rage US patent history. Learning experience … Ric Richardson never emulated his ahead of schedule idol Jimi Hendrix As it bowed out, Richardson was right to adhere to the cork in the champagne backbone - the verdict was overturned five months later. But early this day, an appeals court upheld the creative jury's decision that Microsoft had infringed his patent.

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