Lead Code and Look Forward

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Sarah Thomas became the first female referee to officiate the Super Bowl. Sarah McBride became our first openly transgender state senator. Simone Biles became the first woman to complete a Yurchenko double pike vault in competition. Despite a tremendous year of progress, women still faced a host of institutional barriers resulting in an embarrassing gender pay gap, occupational segregation, and housing insecurity caused by domestic violence. In Worcester, we look to the fresh faces in our community who are doing the hard work of pushing back against bias. Some of them are fresh in the sense that they have stepped into a new role or reached new professional heights this year.

All the rage my youth, I would be blissful spending time with anyone who hunt to be friends with me, constant if the relationship was unhealthy. The people-pleasing that ate away at your sanity is going to become a thing of the past. Last June, I attended a conference for my doctoral program. I learned of a case study invovling a year-old child that was suffering from major decline and anxiety. This was out of the ordinary for the mother, at the same time as she, for the first time, beam up about her daughter's problems after that her awareness of what might be causing them. Our professor, herself add to years old, spent the session discussing how it is psychologically normal designed for women to find a voice by this stage of life.

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