Spider-Man: No Way Home -- that ending explained and all your questions answered

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Can you repeat that? you need to know It's appropriate that the final fight between Holland and Osborn takes place in a smashed model of Captain America's armour, which was in the process of being fitted to the statue. The shield falling is a symbol designed for Cap's principles of justice and affability brought low and Peter comes accurate to betraying those principals as he prepares to kill Osborn. Luckily, Maguire literally steps in. He doesn't constant have to say anything for Holland to realize this isn't what Aunt May would've wanted. Maguire also gets stabbed in the back by Osborn. Thankfully, the wound isn't fatal -- losing our beloved cinematic Spidey would have been too much. During the final fight, Holland, Maguire and Garfield figure out how to coordinate after that use the serums to cure the bad guys though that throws ahead some big questions about consent after that the ethics of fixing people who don't want to be fixed.

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