Intimate pictures from Prince Harry's wild weekend in Vegas

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These raucous alcohol-fuelled events are popular all the rage Vegas and involve several thousand adolescent people attempting to get as drunk as humanly possible while pulling members of the opposite sex in the fierce sunshine. Keep it under your hat: The year-old prince cosies ahead with a mystery brunette at a pool party, left, and acts affected with a laidback security guard De-stressing: Prince Harry chills out during a pool party at the luxurious MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas, ago right, while his close friend Skippy, front left, and minder, front absolute, enjoy a drink with a appealing blonde Male bonding: The Royal Armour Officer, left, and 'wingman' Skippy, axis, all displayed bare chests as they chatted and joked together By the end of the day, say those with intimate knowledge of such events, the pools contain more urine than water and couples are openly having sex. Harry stripped to a brace of flowered surfing shorts and thong-style necklace, sporting a white fedora en route for shade his face from the sun. Days later the prince faced accusations of bringing the royal household addicted to global disrepute. Harry was photographed arrange a mobile phone in just a necklace with a naked female buddy hiding behind him having played a game of strip pool in his VIP Las Vegas suite. Another showed him giving the same topless female a naked bear hug, which allow since been seen by tens of millions across the world.

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