UPDATE EPISODE: Christina Stembel founder of Farmgirl Flowers

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So it seemed like a good time to gather my thoughts for an overview on getting your hens ready for winter. For us backyard chicken tenders there are specific city rules and responsibilities. I go over some of those and other local chicken keeping resources in my post, Chickens in the Hood. I also bear my soul in the sobering blog, Fresh Eggs to Chicken Soupabout when we decided to cull a flock of our hens a few years back. Keeping chickens over the winter really comes down to keeping them dry and out of the wind along giving them plenty of food and water. Like at any other time of year, being with your hens and knowing their routines is your best offense.

All the rage fact, her entire founder story is truly one of resilience, grit, after that excellence in execution. It has barely been a year, but I assume we can all agree the after everything else year felt like 5 years altogether rolled into one. For those who might not know her story, she pitched more than investors and all single one of them told her no. It's an amazing story! All the rage this episode we talk about the last months of her business, altogether the lessons she learned about herself, the team, the brand, and can you repeat that? adjustments she had to make all the rage order to survive. In this affair, you'll hear: What her profit border is like at her various income milestones. She explains how February ahead of the pandemic hit was extremely challenging as she and her husband got a divorce. Christina shares that accidentally just before the pandemic she had just launched Ecuador and was adept to transfer the orders to her South America team. When she came to this conclusion this kicked all the rage her fight-or-flight mentality and she knew she was going to fight her way through the pandemic.

You may recognize Christina from the citizen Capital One campaign, where she gets to quote the well known catchphrase, What's in your wallet? Christina was born in a small Indiana city where she was raised with the idea that young girls did not have the same future or ability as young boys. For most of her childhood, she felt like an outsider. She was a young child with big dreams, and that was not the norm in her city. You may recognize Christina from the national Capital One campaign, where she gets to quote the known catchphrase, What's in your wallet? Despite a few of the challenges Christina faced, her childhood was influential and helped her get to where she is at present. She's often asked what's the clandestine sauce to her success?

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