Types of Feeding Tubes and Their Uses

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Carry away In recent years, ear stretching has become a popular form of articulacy for both men and women comparable. While stretched , gauged ears are a personal choice for some, others may experience stretched or torn earlobes as an indirect result of earring hole trauma. When it comes en route for unintentionally stretched or torn ear holes, there are many surgical options en route for repair the damage. Causes of earring hole damage Earring hole damage be able to occur due to a variety of causes, from intentional stretching to chance rips.

Abstraction Procedure A plastic feeding tube is a medical device used to give food to a person who is unable en route for take food or drink safely as a result of mouth. This problem may be anticipate to difficulty swallowing , an change mental status, or another issue so as to makes eating a challenge. There are many types of feeding tubes old for different reasons, some temporary after that some permanent. If you need en route for make a decision about feeding tubes for yourself or a loved individual, it's important to have good in a row about them. This article looks by the kinds of feeding tubes, how they are put into place, after that the reasons why they are basic. The most common uses of a feeding tube include: Providing nutrition: Cooking, in liquid form, can be agreed through a feeding tube. Tube feeding, or enteral nutrition, allows for basic carbohydrates, protein, and fats to aid the body. Providing fluids: Water agreed through a feeding tube can adhere to a person hydrated without needing intravenous IV fluids.

By a glance: Macular Hole Symptoms: Blurred or distorted vision, loss of chief vision Diagnosis: Imaging test of the eye Treatment: Vitrectomy surgery What is a macular hole? The macula provides the sharp, central vision we basic for reading, driving, and seeing acceptable detail. A macular hole can affect blurred and distorted central vision. Equally conditions are common in people 60 and over. An eye care authority will know the difference.

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