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Having humbled the provincial government, CLASSE has established that the means of achieving your ends in a democracy is to create as much public chaos as possible, disrupting and inconveniencing the general public and thus applying political pressure on elected officials. Since the PQ has made clear that it responds positively to mob rule, it has little excuse for resisting whatever the students demand next. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. Kelly McParland: Quebec students now want free education, and Marois has no excuse to say no Back to video 2. Thus there is no reason it should not get what it wants this time either, no matter how many other Quebecers are opposed. Money should be no impediment.

Joyce Echaquan's death on Monday prompted an immediate outcry from her home area of Manawan, about kilometres north of Montreal, and has spurred unusually abrupt and decisive action on the amount of the provincial government. The care for of seven's death will be the subject of a coroner's investigation after that an administrative probe, the Quebec administration said today. And a nurse who was involved in her treatment has been dismissed. In the video viewed by CBC News, the year-old is heard screaming in distress and again and again calling for help. Eventually, her capture picks up the voices of baton members. One hospital staff member tells her, You're stupid as hell. I am so sad.

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