Does Marriage Really Make Us Healthier and Happier?

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Electron Physician. Published online Dec Mahrokh Dolatian. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Introduction One of the most important factors and determinants of mental health, emotional stability of couples and successful marriage is marital satisfaction, a state that in most cases, males and females are satisfied with each other and their marriage. This review was conducted to survey the effective factors on marital satisfaction in view of Iranian men and women. Methods This systematic review surveys published articles from to All published peer-reviewed articles studied exploring associations between marital satisfaction and effective factors were considered for inclusion. Results According to results, the spiritual and religious, sexual and interpersonal factors, communication and interaction factors and mental health had positive impact on marital satisfaction in the vast majority of studies.

Ago in , when I was a minute ago 19 years old, Newsweek magazine struck terror into the hearts of an entire generation of educated single women with a viral news story, claiming that by prioritizing education, women were significantly reducing their chances of always getting married. And if—God forbid—a female was still single at the become old of 40, she was more apt to get struck by lightning than to ever walk down the gangway clutching a bouquet of flowers. The research was unpublished and, hence, not peer reviewed. But despite being artificial, this belief became part of the social narrative where women were warned, over and over, that if marriage ceremony was not prioritized over everything also, then horrifyingly! And we would be left to a life of agony. But it feels true. Yet this story quickly went viral, appearing all the rage hundreds of media outlets around the globe. The media never seems en route for tire of telling women how en route for live their own lives. But around is more to this story, after that I think that is because this story feels true to so a lot of of us.

We then surveyed women from executive control networks who held high status roles and were in heterosexual married before common-law relationships. Our results controlled designed for a number of variables such at the same time as age, whether they had children, after that initial status levels when they at the outset met their partners. We also asked the women if we could acquaintance their husbands, and were able en route for obtain data from 53 of them. A 9-Item Scale to Measure Feelings on Job Status Women in this study rated the following statements arrange a scale from 1 strongly argue to 5 strongly agree. I aspiration my spouse had picked a activity that gets more respect. I am embarrassed when my spouse accompanies me to work events. I feel so as to my spouse should find a add respectable job.

The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at J Fam Psychol See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. The current study of 53 recently conjugal couples provided results consistent with this prediction. Not surprisingly, poor body air is associated with numerous negative cerebral and physical health outcomes. In accumulation to these and other negative intrapersonal outcomes, there is reason to anticipate poor body image to be allied with negative interpersonal outcomes. Specifically, theories of relationship maintenance e. Accordingly, women with poor body image may be less likely to engage in affiliation promoting behaviors and thus may be subject to decreased satisfaction with their relationships. The goal of the current research was to test this hypothesis.

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