Whale watching in Australia

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Just that everyone starts together, the men the women and all the various grades, it goes from Melbourne Avalon Airport to Warnambool and it will have been my longest ride ever by the time I race it. I was looking at something between hrs in the saddle, conditions, and whether I could hang on, depending. I was excited. And I spoke to my coach and a few other people for race advice on how to approach this one-day event. Was it even realistic to think I could try and hang onto the NRS men? I was told to prepare myself to suffer the first 50kms, at the very least. That advice was consistent. Along with this I was also reminded to fuel, fuel and fuel some more. If ever there was a race to carb load for, it was this one.

The protected bay is perfect for the gentle giants to give birth after that raise their calves. The whales drift each winter from the cooler waters of the Antarctic and have been visiting since records began. Watch as of the shores as these massive creatures frolic in the water and deposit on a spectacular show of appendage slapping, spy hopping and fluke waving as they loll about in the warmth of the coastal waters. Notifications of whale sitings can be bring into being at the Visitor Information Centre. The whales often swim within a hundred metres off the shore. They be able to be viewed from a specially constructed platform in the sand dunes before from the beach. For updates arrange whale sightings, drop into the Caller Information Centre.

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