6 Rules From 6 of the World's Top Investors

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Think for a moment about your early days as an investor. If you're like many, you jumped in with very little knowledge of the markets. When you bought, you didn't know what a bid-ask spread was, and you sold either too early if the stock went up or too late if the stock dropped. If you don't have your own carefully crafted suite of investing rules, now is the time to do it, and the best place to start is to ask the people who have had success in their investing careers. We not only found people who can claim success but who are also some of the most successful investors in history. Key Takeaways Successful investors all have one thing in common—they have rules. Notable investors like Warren Buffett say to focus on fundamentals and management quality before looking at the price of a stock. Other major investors advise on betting big when you have an edge and to always be forward-thinking. It is a daily commentary of global capital markets that is delivered to hedge funds, brokerage firms, mutual funds, and grain and trading firms around the world each morning.

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