You Can Lead a More Satisfying Life by Making a Few Small Changes

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Personality traitsabilities, likes and dislikes, your belief system or moral code, and the things that motivate you — these all contribute to self-image or your unique identity as a person. People who can easily describe these aspects of their identity typically have a fairly strong sense of who they are. Struggling to name more than a few of these characteristics might point to a less defined sense of self. You may not spend much time consciously thinking about your identity, but it still affects your life. Knowing who you are allows you to live with purpose and develop satisfying relationshipsboth of which can contribute to overall good emotional health. Interested in exploring the benefits of a well-defined sense of self?

All of us, whether we realize it or not, has a self-image. We see ourselves in some way—smart, brake, kindly, well-intentioned, lazy, misunderstood, meticulous, before shrewd; we all can pick adjectives that describe ourselves. In this clause we will explore the meaning of the self-image, particularly in relation en route for changing behavior in growing managers, after that how changes in self-concept come a propos. Note the term manager development considerably than management development; the purpose of such development is to help being managers to grow.

Bliss with our lives is the actual reason we do just about everything. So ask yourself: Am I actually satisfied with my life? If the answer is no, it's time en route for re-evaluate and change. To lead a satisfying life , take some age to reflect on the things beneath.

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