Why boys love guns and what to do about it

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Michael Ian Black on guns and 'broken' masculinity Story highlights Parents are more likely to give boys what we think of as masculine toys, including toy guns Psychological research has found no link between toy weapon play and aggression CNN The vast majority of boys who play with toy guns will never go on to use real ones to harm someone. Also, gun violence is nearly exclusively a male problem. Before last month's school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and the upswell of gun control activism that followed, concerns about the potential link between toy gun play and gun violence were much easier to set aside. But now, as the culture engages in a deep reckoning with this problem, that muted response feels wrong, if not complicit.

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But I Were a Parent: Boys vs. Girls Story highlights The gender alteration among children tips in favor of the masculine The toy industry has experienced far more pressure to develop the definition of girls' toys than boys' toys CNN For his anniversary this year, my 5-year-old son asked for a My Little Pony sweatshirt. He didn't know that it was categorized as girls' clothing, only so as to, like his beloved Rainbow Dash, it was polychromatic, glittery, winged and absolute. He has spent his early years in Oakland, California, largely surrounded as a result of adults who avoid use of the nouns boys and girls unless basic. His world is blissfully, ignorantly gender-neutral. In the fall, he'll be banner to elementary school, and I was thinking it might be time en route for explain to him that as accepted as his love for this sweatshirt is, there are a lot of people who find a boy all the rage a girl's sweatshirt unnatural and won't hesitate to let him know. The hardest part of this conversation bidding be what, inevitably, will follow.

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