Blood Simple: Our Original 2006 Steven Avery Feature

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Now it points to him as a fiend who savagely raped and murdered Teresa Halbach. Why would he do it? Manitowoc County is a flat and fertile dairy land a half-hour south of Green Bay, where the horizon is broken only by grain silos and cell phone towers. Down the cracked blacktop of Avery Road and past a gravel quarry, there is a ragged cluster of trailer homes and outbuildings, which for decades have served as the offices, garages and living quarters for the Avery family.

Ellis, the serial killer serving several animation sentences for the slayings of seven Milwaukee women over two decades, died Sunday. Ellis, 53, was incarcerated by a South Dakota prison under an interstate agreement. He died of clear natural causes at a Sioux Falls, S. An autopsy will be conducted. Ellis was arrested in after Milwaukee police said his DNA matched semen samples found on six homicide victims and a blood sample on a can of pepper spray discovered by the scene of the seventh slaying. The homicides occurred between and Altogether seven victims were strangled. One additionally was stabbed. His case exposed acute flaws in Wisconsin's process for collecting DNA from convicted felons.

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