Science Has Finally Figured Out Why Men Like Big Butts

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By Elizabeth Enochs November 10, You've heard the saying: Girls always want the body type they don't have. Of course, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Actually, it's kind of awesome that big butts are having a moment — because they're beautiful. But the whole concept of the ideal butt or the ideal body is what leads women and girls to wish for different body types in the first place. If you're plus-size, society tells you to be thinner. If you're skinny, society says you're not a real woman because real women have curves. Before Beverly Johnson graced the cover of Vogue ina woman of color had never been featured on the magazine's cover — and that was barely 40 years ago.

Although men's obsession with shapely butts has remained strong ever since—and Kim Kardashian has the Instagram hits to ascertain it. In fact, you might about that rears have replaced breasts at the same time as our most scrutinized body part. Although here's some interesting news: Research as of the University of Texas at Austin found that what men are actually drawn to isn't so much the size of the derriere, but the curve—or, more specifically, a spinal bend that offers the illusion of a shapely butt. Each image had been altered so the lower spine arched out at different angles—causing the woman's butt to protrude in varying extremes. What researchers found: Overwhelmingly, men chosen the uber-bendy images that showed the lower spine curved at a amount angle, from back to buttocks. Appealing interesting, but do things change after butt size comes into play? En route for find out, the researchers asked men to look at images of women with different butt sizes and spinal curves. Turns out, the men were turned on by women whose spinal curvature was closest to 45 degrees, regardless of the size of their rear.

Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through acquaintance on our site. But of avenue, your obsession with the female barrel is nothing new. In fact, it's primal, says David Buss, Ph.

At the same time as a woman who definitely does not have back, this always sort of made me feel left out. Although it's been over 20 years as Sir Mix-A-Lot sang those immortal lyrics, the discussion of big butts is still on the table, especially thanks to Kim Kardashian, who, in her own right, has pretty much cornered the market. Do they even actually like them, or is it a minute ago a rumor that got started after that everyone followed suit? We asked eight men their thoughts on big butts. Totally anonymously and completely candid, here's what these men think about adult butts, and the ladies who allow 'em. Not all big butts are created equal. I feel all adult butts are not created equal. Not all big butts are nice butts. To me, it's more about the shape of the butt than the size.

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