A Guy's Guide To Building Great Glutes

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Here are 8 strategies to maximize your butt muscles for a stronger squat and deadlift, better athletic performance, and much more! The truth is, he may have been right—at least once upon a time. Many guys have always had an eye for women's glute training, but my editor pointed out that he'd never seen a reader survey that showed much appetite for men's glute training. But I would have none of it, because guys need to train glutes, even if some of us don't realize it yet. Sure, ladies seem to notice a fella's derriere in jeans, and firm wins out over flat and squishy every time, but that's not the key selling point here.

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Joey Garrison The Tennessean One month afterwards Kid Rock was forced out at the same time as grand marshal of the Nashville Christmas paradethe music star is the area of interest of more controversy in Metro capital hall. Why the hubbub? The elevated foot tall neon sign — not yet installed — will feature a giant guitar with some controversial attributes: The base of the instrument is intentionally shaped like a woman's buttocks. The Metro Council late Thursday votedwith three council members abstaining, to agree the necessary aerial encroachment to accept for the construction and installation of the sign, which was produced as a result of Nashville-based Joslin and Son Signs.

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