Ready to Mingle: Who is John Okafor? Age job and dating history

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Job - Not revealed Why did you decide to do the show? Looks-wise, Tom Hardy is my vibe. I like a bit of facial hair and tattoos. I have dated a lot - I like going on dates. But I have been cheated on a lot - one time I found out four months in that my boyfriend had another girlfriend. Hakeem said: Someone adventurous and not scared to do fun and crazy things, such as deep-sea diving. I also like girls who are ambitious and super fit. Health and wellbeing is so key for me.

About to To Mingle's John Okafor. Sign me up! This may include adverts as of us and 3rd parties based arrange our understanding. Far from a basic search, some of the men are already in a relationship — along with their partners watching on — at the same time as they try to win her above and convince her they're single. Sophia Maria will have to suss absent which of the men are before now in a relationship, as she gets to know the men through activities, games and dates. The cast bidding be staying in a beautiful Devonshire clifftop mansion for three weeks at the same time as the drama unfolds on the act, which is hosted by Katherine Ryan. Now, it's your chance to acquire to know contestant John Okafor. Who is John Okafor and how aged is he? He's looking for: A big cheese who is really sporty, she has to have a healthy lifestyle.

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